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Q. How does PBS work ?
PBS is a unique formula that combines revolutionary synthetic polymers with surfactants to lift dirt off all non-porous surfaces. Complementing this technology, quality microfibre mittens and polishing cloths are used to create a complete clean, shine and protection scenario for your bike.
Q. Will PBS scratch or harm my bike?
No! PBS won’t scratch or leave swirl marks if used correctly. Our exclusive formula uses substances that are slipperier than water. They have the ability to encapsulate and emulsify grime and dirt particles lifting them off the surface and ready for removal by our microfibre products (as mentioned above).
Q. What surfaces can I use PBS on ?
PBS can be used on many surfaces including: Duco, chrome, mirrors, stainless steel, windshield perspex, helmet visors. Sunnies and spectacles are also ok.
Q. When should I be careful to use PBS?
PBS should not be used on heavily soiled surfaces such as caked on mud until it has been hosed down with water.
Q. Why do I need to use microfibre products?
Microfibre mittens and polishing cloths are an integral part of the PBS package. They enhance and support the innovative technology provided by PBS. Our microfibres ensure a streak free, shiny finish whilst protecting your bike from scratching. Read more »