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Planet Bike Shines
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Finally a great bikewash

As easy as ABC

A. Spray on
Spray Planet Bike Shines onto any of your bikes surfaces including:
» duco,
» chrome,
» mirrors
» stainless steel,
» windshield perspex.

B. Wipe off
Wipe your slightly wet blue mitten evenly over previously sprayed dirty area. Read more about Microfibre products »

C. Polish
Follow immediately by polishing with your green cloth and compare your fastest detailing result to whatever you may have used in the past.

C. Also = CARE
As with everything in life use common sense. Occasionally your beloved bike will be just too dirty with mud or heavy soiling. Don’t risk scratching and hose your bike with water wherever appropriate, prior to applying Planet Bike Shines.

Maximise your results!

  1. Always rinse your blue mitten under water and wring out thoroughly then mist it with PBS. This will increase your mileage of PBS by up to 60%. Follow with green polishing cloth.
  2. You may find it more convenient to use disposable rags on wheels regarding break dust etc. Occasionally, your bike will be just too dirty with caked on old mud etc. use common sense and don't take the risk of scratching your bike. This would be an appropriate time to be wise and hose your bike prior to PBS application.
  3. Following rain, mist some PBS on your dry blue mitten. Utilize the water on your bike and you will achieve the same shiny result and save on PBS. Follow with green cloth.
  4. Additional microfibres come in handy in case you drop one or your wife used them in the kitchen!