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All about Microfibre!

What’s so SPECIAL with microfibre ?
Microfibre packMicrofibre cloths are created by combining two fibre inventions; polyester and polymide (Nylon). Polymide is used as the core of the hybrid fibre (approximately 20-30% of content) and polyester is used as the outer skin (70-80%).

U.L.S.A.A Creations use only the finest and most superior 80/20 blend which has undergone the "splitting process". Tens of thousands of strands of fibre are used per square inch. Each strand is hundreds of times thinner than human hair, virtually invisible to the naked eye.

These strands are densely woven into thousands of tiny loops that form hook-like claws. Dirt and dust is trapped or bonded within the loops of these cloths and can not be released until the cloths have been washed as instructed below.

Beware of some microfibre cleaning products available on the market that are offered in a "flat weave". A flat woven consistency repels water making it completely useless for cleaning or polishing your bike.
High performance, heavy duty twin packs include:
lx Blue mitten
lx Green polishing cloth.

Easy care instructions:

These heavy duty microfibres can survive hundreds of washes.

Toss your dirty cloths into the washing machine on a delicate setting. We recommend washing microfibre separately as the positive static charge will attract lint from your other laundry. Or, simply hand wash with Napi San and rinse with fresh water.
You may dry them in your dryer on a low setting. However, it is unnecessary because microfibre is very light and dries much faster than conventional fabric.
Never use fabric softener or bleach on microfibre as it will reduce the positive static charge and minimise their effectiveness.
by U.L.S.A.A. Creations.